Kav Halacha Hotline

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Kav Halacha Hotline

An important community service for the anglo community in Eretz Yisroel.


Kav Halacha operates as a twenty four hour hotline for all members of the English speaking community to turn to for Halachic guidance.  We operate twenty four hours six days a week. While not replacing the ideal personal relationship with a Rav, there are times, when one cannot contact one’s Rav, or as a newcomer or visitor, one does not have a local Rav with whom to consult. Many make use of this service around the world at hours during the night where their local Rav is unavailable. 

With the encouragement of the Gedolai HaPoskim, the Kav Halacha opened a hotline to fill this vital role, by providing the opportunity to ask Shailos to experienced Rabbonim on any topic, and receive the precise Halachic guidance, explained clearly, in their native language.

Up to date, Kav Halacha receives close to 500 calls a week, being answered by over 30 Rabbonim worldwide. This way, we have Rabbonim available and the hotline functions twenty four hours a day.

In order to cover the operation of the system, Kav Halacha relies on generous donations from people around the world, who, like you, realize the importance of such an endeavour.

Each and every donation plays a direct role in enabling the continuation of this service, giving the donor the unique opportunity to be Marbitz Torah to Klal Yisroel, and to enable our callers keep Halacha at the highest standards!



Our Dedicated Rabbanim

  • Rabbi Hillel Asher, Posek in Beitar Ilit
  • Rabbi  Pinchas Asher, Posek in Beitar Ilit
  • Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, Rav of Minyan Avreichim,Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Chaim  Blier, Rav of Cheder Horaah Minchas Yitzchak
  • Rabbi Bohem, Posek in Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Pinchas  Breur, Posek in Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchak Elbaz, Rosh Hakolel NesivosOlam,Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Nochum Eisenstien, Rav of Malot Dafna,Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi  Yossi Freidman, Rosh Chaburah Mir Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi  Aryeh Goldberg, Rav of Telzstone 
  • Rabbi Mordechai Goldstein, Rav of Kehillas Yaakov, Ramat Beit Shemesh
  • Rabbi Chaim Heimlich, Dayan of Manchester England
  • Rabbi Binyomin Hollander, Rosh Hakollel Machon Horaah L’Rabbonim, Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Dovid  Koenig, Dayan in Yerushalayim 
  • Rabbi Moshe Langer, Rav of Torah U’tefillah,Chesnut Ridge, Monsey, New York
  • Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Lerner, Posek in Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Eli Marburger, Rav of Kehilas Shaarei Tefillah, Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Daniel Muller, Rosh Chaburah Mir Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Aron Dovid Neustadt, Rav of Khal Chasidim, Neve Yaakov, Yerushalayim
  • Rabbi Shimon Neumann, Rosh Hakolel Haroah,Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Dovid Ostroff, Posek in Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Shlomo Perlstein, Rav in Monsey New York 
  • Rabbi  Dovid Potash, Rav of Sharie Orah, Ramat Eshkol ,Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Yitzchok Silver, Dayan in Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi  Meir Tzvi Spitzer, Posek in Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Sutton, Posek in Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Shmuel Weiner, Rav of Zichron Noson Tzvi, Rammat Eshkol, Yerushalyim
  • Rabbi Yosef Wiener, Rav of Sharie Shamayim, Monsey New York
  • Rabbi Avi Weisenfeld, Rosh Yeshivas Beis Dovid
  • Rabbi Zecharish, Rav of Ahavas Shalom, Ramat Beit Shemesh