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Our Specialized Divisions

When you need to access a posek with specific halachic expertise

Tefillin and Mezuzos

This Kav Halacha division is staffed with experienced sofrim mumchim and experts in Hilchos Mezuzah who can quickly address questions like, “I‘m on vacation, my tefillin fell on the floor and might have gotten chipped” or, “Does my shed need a mezuzah?” The poskim handling these questions have the capability to review pictures uploaded by the questioner, enabling them to issue instant rulings on these intricate matters.

General Shailos

Running the gamut from, “May I take a nasal decongestant on Shabbos?” to questions about the permissibility of experimental treatments for terminal illnesses to issues that arise in medical facilities, our Medical Halacha Division responds to thousands of shailos a year on medical matters encompassing every facet of halacha.


The compassionate rabbonim who respond to these shailos on behalf of Kav Halacha have dedicated their lives to mastering this highly sensitive subject, with the goal of guiding every couple on this journey. Along with the general public, rabbonim and professionals dealing with these matters reach out daily to this division to seek clarity on every halachic detail of the fertility process from leading experts in the field.


End-of-Life In partnership with the nationally acclaimed Chayim Aruchim organization, Kav Halacha maintains a dedicated line for the growing number of questions arising in End-of-Life situations including terminal care issues and Living Wills. The rabbonim responding to these shailos are prepared for the delicate nature of these questions and possess a deep understanding of the relevant halachos and the applicable secular laws governing patient rights.


The evolving modern Kashrus landscape can be highly confusing for the average consumer. Many times, only Kashrus professionals with access to the latest information can answer questions such as, “Can I eat any fruits and vegetables sold in a supermarket in Eilat?” or “May I use the iodized salt that came in my Instacart order without any hechser?” Kav Halacha poskim, in coordination with leading Kashrus agencies across the world, respond to thousands of such questions, aiding the English-speaking public in navigating this highly complex area of halacha at home and abroad. Partner agencies include: CRC, Gateshead Beis Din, KCL, KOF-K, London Beis Din, OU, Star-K, and ZNT.

Sephardic Halacha

Often, there are divergences in psak between the classic Ashkenazic and Sephardic poskim. The Sephardic community boasts many knowledgeable poskim who are well-versed in Sephardic tradition of psak. Kav Halacha maintains a dedicated line manned by these poskim, to service the Sephardic public. This division alleviates any confusion on questions that may be dependent on the rich mesorah of Sephardic Jewry.

Monetary Halacha/ Ribbis

Detailed knowledge of how the business world operates and the intricate laws of these areas are prerequisites for the poskim answering the Kav Halacha Choshen Mishpat and Ribbis line. More and more people are calling with questions regarding operating e-commerce businesses on Shabbos and Yom Tov, as well as everyday Ribbis questions such as, “How do I structure my early-bird special sale?”

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Rabbinic Resources

Rabbinic Resources Network

Kav Halacha has developed an extensive network for Rabbonim,
to enable them to answer shailos and lead our kehillos accurately and efficiently.

Access to Leading Poskim

We maintain numerous internal lines to give our rabbonim access to the information or expertise they need to answer the questions that come their way. The Kav Halacha Network has relationships with many of today’s leading poskim, and rabbonim who specialize in different areas of halacha, who offer their time to assist Kav Halacha Network rabbonim.

Access to Professionals

We maintain a comprehensive database of professionals who are experts in their fields and can provide our rabbonim with the information necessary to issue a psak or give guidance. The database includes: pediatricians, cardiologists, geriatric care specialists, Ob-Gyns, fertility specialists, psychiatrists, social workers, engineers, technology experts, and educators.

Conferences and Workshops

Kav Halacha organizes rabbinic conferences and training sessions in various regions across the globe. These gatherings enable rabbonim to stay current on the newest information and trends and also serve as wonderful networking opportunities.

Resources for the Community

Educational Video Series

Our Common Questions video series features rabbonim presenting the answers to common halachic shailos and offering brief halacha shiurim for the wider public.

Webinars on Timely Halachos

Whether before Yom Tov or during a time of international crisis, Kav Halacha’s online rabbinic panels and presentations provide the worldwide community with the opportunity to receive guidance and clarity from world-class rabbonim.

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